What can I expect in a treatment?

During your first treatment (Balance) a detailed personal history is taken to give the practitioner a clear idea of the problem. Using a combination of observation, muscle testing, and palpatation (touch) further information on the current state of the body is gathered before applying a combination of techniques to suit the clients needs.

It is not unusual to feel a difference straight away although some people feel the changes over the first few days following treatment. Some people may feel tired; others get a boost of energy. The body is simply adjusting to the changes. It is always recommended to drink plenty of water following treatment to keep the body hydrated.

What should I wear?

Because in Amatsu we believe that what goes on outside of the body is an extension of what goes on inside, we use the visual indications of the lay of clothing to highlight problem areas. For this reason Amatsu is performed fully clothed. Loose fitting clothing is preferable.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments depends entirely on your individual needs and will vary according to many factors; for example whether the problem is acute, chronic, or acute with an underlying chronic cause, your general health, diet, lifestyle, environment etc. In general expect to need 4 to 6 treatments for a long lasting correction.